The Guardian360 arrange weakness scanner comprises of a few Network Scanners, which are continually in-and around your system looking for shaky areas or system weaknesses in both system and web application protections. In the event that a system interloper or programmer despite everything ends up being ready to bargain your system, in spite of all types of security and checking, our 'Canary' sets off a quiet alert. The day in and day out working Security Operations Center (SOC) will quickly distinguish and impair any interloper or programmer! 

  • Continuous Security Scan

Guardian360 considers data to be as a progressing procedure. Programmers will never stop to consider better approaches to attack frameworks. Every month, many new weaknesses in frameworks are found. This implies a system, that solitary yesterday appeared to be protected, today can end up being unexpectedly helpless, without you in any event, successfully alter it! 

  • Technique

The Guardian360 group comprises of experts with long stretches of involvement with data security and web application-improvement. Other than the vital confirmations, some of our workers likewise have the eminent OSCP-accreditation. 

Guardian360 doesn't close her eyes for the truth: regardless of how well your system is watched, things can turn out badly once. That is the reason we have built up the Hacker Alert. At the point when we distinguish dubious system traffic, you will quickly be advised, with the goal that you can legitimately mediate. Obviously with the help of our group.



With Guardian360 your basic web application is ideally tied down gratitude to exceptionally prepared web application security. Since Guardian continually checks for weaknesses in your web-application, web worker, database-worker and different frameworks, you impressively diminish the opportunity of burglary of your business-basic information and personal time. 

  • Directly Aware Of Intruders

On the off chance that a system interloper or programmer despite everything ends up being ready to bargain your system, notwithstanding all types of security and examining, our 'Canary' sets off a quiet caution. The all day, every day working Security Operations Center (SOC) will promptly recognize and handicap any interloper or programmer! 

We call it 'Oversaw Security'. You may encounter it as 'a decent night rest'. 

  • Secure Your Web Application

The Guardian360 Web application scanner looks at the entire web application security intently. This will incorporate outputs for infusion abilities and weaknesses, general security setup mistakes, and calling information without confirmation. Each Web application is ideally tied down gratitude to the flexibility of the Guardian360 scanners.



The Guardian360 stage can check as indicated by the NEN 7510, ISO27001, OWASP, NCSC, BIG and Norea/DigiD code-guidelines. The Compliancy reviews of Guardian360 give you how far you meet the suitable guidelines in the field of data security. With Guardian360's Compliance and site security check you are going for an ideal consistence. Every single discovered issue are completely programmed estimated against the numerous norms and necessities of data security. 

On the off chance that a security issue is discovered, you will know right away which standard isn't accomplished or the suggestion not met. Also, when an issue is settled, you can show your reviewer with certainty that you are 'in charge'. 

  • Reduce Audit-Pressure 

Utilizing the Guardian360 consistence module it empowers you to just show to evaluators how you acted when an anomaly was recognized. For instance; it is conceivable to acknowledge certain weaknesses, and effectively clarify why and for what period you embraced certain activities. Your reviewer need not even to drop by for a spot check, you can simply furnish your inspector with a record to your Guardian360 dashboard. This permits you both to concentrate on your essential undertakings. 

  • Network Security Check 

Other than Guardian360 checking your networksecurity on premise of the current guidelines in the field of data security, Guardian360 additionally plays out a system security-verify where in your system you have the best possibility for weaknesses. By utilizing the Guardian360 'Canary' any interloper will consistently be distinguished and handicapped. 

  • Compliancy Module 

The compliancy module naturally associates discovered issues to parts of significant principles and rules in the field of data security. By methods for a straightforward review you will have the option to see immediately if there is any deviation of norms or rules. This can offer help in the readiness of an (organize) review. Connections will be made with the accompanying guidelines: 

ISO 27001,ISO 27017:2015, NEN7510, OWASP, NOREA/DigiD, NCSC, Huge, PCI-DSS, BIR, BIWA

Each deviation will separately (non-congruity) be depicted in the dashboard as why this is a non-similarity, and what explicit issues are identified with it. The connection with new issues will quickly be made naturally after another sweep.



The expression 'phishing' alludes to the 'calculating' that aggressors never really access to classified information. One usually utilized strategy is to do this by email: beneficiaries get an in their eyes solid email where a malevolent connection is inherent. When the collector taps on this connection, it gives the aggressor access to the client's framework. 

  • Phishing Awareness Security 

Guardian360 offers its Phishing as a Service an answer for associations that want to build up a phishing program without anyone else and need to begin immediately to get comfortable with this subject. At the point when beneficiaries know about specific qualities they will less rapidly fall for a phishing endeavor. 

  • Continious Process 

For data security-awareness as well, applies the standard that it is a progressing procedure. Email beneficiaries ought to consistently be helped to remember what the perils are and for what signals they have to keep an eye out. That is the reason we offer this administration as a consistent method, so everybody can remain sharp. 

  • Technique

In our foundation, we have made a huge number out of standard phishing messages. You can pick various messages of importance for your association and additionally type of industry. For instance, we have layouts explicit to the field of bookkeeping, care, (local)government, monetary administrations just as for some different kinds of associations. We constantly include new formats, with the goal that beneficiaries have a selection of tests which are adjusted to the most recent turns of events, constantly.



Most likely you previously took the suitable measures to forestall a cybersecurity episode. Most associations as of now have a firewall and hostile to infection program introduced, and utilize an (online)backup. 

Regardless of the considerable number of measures taken, the possibility of a gatecrasher hacking your system is existent. Regardless of whether it's a malevolent (ex-)workers, a contender or a criminal association, practically every organization is sufficiently intriguing to be broken into. Guardian360 offers two arrangements: the Guardian360 Canary and Guardian360 Canary Tokens. 

  • How Does The Guardian360 Canary Work? 

The Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert goes about as a movement sensor in your system: on the off chance that somebody plays out a system filter, it will promptly be identified by the Hacker Alert. Normally the Canary Hacker Alert has considerably more approaches to get interlopers, which we won't uncover here for security reasons. 

The reports of the Canary Hacker Alert are quickly given to the Guardian360 security tasks focus. The message is likewise made noticeable in the Guardian360 dashboard, with significant data about the gatecrasher as: ip address, port, information entered and the convention utilized. 

  • Installation Canary Hacker Alert

Introducing the Guardian360 Canary is simple. We just need a couple of subtleties to securely design the Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert. Along these lines it will be physical or virtual removed and put in your system. After that you no longer need to stress over it any longer: the Canary puts itself on a safe association with the Guardian360 stage. Guardian360 watches out for the Guardian360 Canary Hacker Alert to check whether it is on the web and gives the fundamental fixes and updates. 

  • Guardian360 Canary Tokens 

The Canary Tokens offer much further discovery capacities inside your applications and system. With one of a kind created tokens for your association, it is conceivable to recognize assaults or information spillage nearly when they show up inside your applications, in your system or potentially outside sources.


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