Turkey's Value Added Distributor

Don't you want to get best cost and the most accurate solutions at shortest time in a dynamic , fast moving and high competition environment?

Our target is to give the best services to our business partners.


Our high quality service will be more than enough to cover your needs with the lowest cost.

Pre-Sales Services

These services are for AVAYA business partners. We can support all phases of sales process. AVAYA business partners who,

    • Does not have sales and technical staff.
    • Have technical staff but wants to improve their abilities.
    • Have technical staff, do not want to miss new opportunities and need some assistance for intensive projects. They can benefit our pre – sales services.

    After-Sales Services

    We are committed to provide best services with our skilled and experienced team. We provide ;

      • Installation services
      • Maintenance and support services
      • Repair services
      • End user training


      Our team of engineer provide consultancy services to telecommunication industry. We provide;

        • Solution based consultancy to end customers
        • Digital and traditional marketing support
        • Network Analyzing
        • Training planning and implementation


        Our products we offer to our customers as TopTel.

        Avaya Spaces offers a new approach to collaboration for the digital workplace and getting things done with always-on, immersive and continuous collaboration.

        Extreme Networks portfolio includes wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment, as well as software solutions for network management, policy, analytics, security and access controls.

        Certes Networks is a global technology manufacturer that offers users cyber security solutions through the encryption of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint data networks with its patented Layer 4 encryption technology.

        Guardian360 consists of 8 Network Scanners which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or vulnerabilities in both the security of your network and web application.

        Avaya is a transformative force in digital communications software, services, and devices, designed for businesses of all sizes. 



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